Big L & Big Pun - Dedicated (To L & Pun)

by Nick Nyce

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Big L & Big Pun - Dedicated (To L & Pun)


Big L:
I be puffing blunts in the house sexing stunts on the couch
This year, a lot of frauds might get punched in the mouth
For when your wife see me, she don't know how to act
So don't be mad when I blow out her back, for real
Your whole team a bunch of pooh-puts who made a few bucks
Date a few sluts then y'all start running your lips a little too much
My whole crew wild, thick as new now
We go to clubs, hit the bar, and trip 2 thou
Other MC's ain't got a chance at all
Cause Big L Corleone is to advanced for y'all
Chicks can never walk away cause they like the sex
Flamboyant is the label that writes the checks
I'm a pimped-out nigga that walks with canes
Talk with slang, ball from New York to Spain
Haters E-N-V-Y me B-I-G
Cause I'm V.I.P. til I D-I-E, what?

Big Pun:
My Twinz already know, I'm always amped and ready to roll
Lendin me dough for Pampers when it was twenty below
That's how I know who to trust
That's how I know for who to bust
To shoot as many a clan concerned from Clue to Clutch
Who the fuck said that color matter? Your own brother
Blacker than black'll leave you in the gutter splattered
It's automatic now with all the static
Only a coward or a faggot hides his flowers in the attic
I keep em close, to shine to blossom, try to floss em
Cried every time I lost one, fake niggas come a dime a dozen
That's why I'm buggin, shorties is luggin heavy metal
Just call me a rebel cause I'mma keep reppin for every ghetto
For better or worse, up in the Jetta it hurts
I'mma keep reppin my niggas til I'm dead in the earth
I'm settin the first, if niggas want it we can three pound rock
Give me a call, you know the Big Pun'll be down


released April 13, 2017
Big L: Vocals
Big Pun: Vocals
Nick Nyce: Production



all rights reserved