Big Boi - Something's Gotta Give (Nick Nyce Remix)

by Nick Nyce

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Big Boi - Something's Gotta Give (Nick Nyce Remix)


You can trot around the planet or watch it on the news
Sombody's getting shot, the weather man's looking confused
He's reporting to a nation full of zombies strung out on starbucks
And stitched up and bitching Abercrombie

Uh, don't get it mixed up me too
I have insomnia at times but don't be walkin' 'round here blind
Nigga feelin' all around, trying to find a righteous path
It's appealin' when I rhyme

So everytime I hit the masses, you know the common folk
Blue collared day to day workers
That squeeze a dollar so they baby can swallow
A little not a lota just enough to fill that bottle

But it's a million dollars a gallon for some gas to get to work
Tomorrow that's if you gotta get it, you can't swim in carpool
You Rob Peter to pay Paul to make due
Make you wanna write a note and take a pistol to that bank too
And pass it to the teller but you know better


released April 21, 2017
Big Boi: Vocals
Nick Nyce: Production



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